Strategies To Plan Your GAMSAT Preparation

If you wish to study science and enter the field of medicine, whether to be a physician or an optometrist, you need to sit for an exam first. This exam is known as GAMSAT which stands for Graduate Australian Medical School Admission Test.

This exam tests the knowledge of the students who are applying along with their reasoning ability and skill to think critically, especially in pressure situations where time is running short. The test judges the adeptness of the student to use his or her knowledge to choose the appropriate solution thereby also checking for their ability to think of ‘out of the box’ and unique solutions. Thus, gamsat tutoring is vital, especially for those who are not from a science background.The exam has three sections

The first one examines the student’s reasoning ability in the field of social sciences and humanities. The second section tests the written communication skills in the form of two essays with one being argumentative and the other on personal topics. Here comes the importance of attending gamsat english and essay tutoring classes. The third section covers knowledge in the biological field including chemistry as well as physics. The three sections are quite diverse and preparing for them can get baffling since there is no fixed syllabus to refer or study from. Strategies for studying for the Gamsat Since the exam sections are so diverse which can cover questions from any part of those subjects without there being a fixed study material, it is important to have a strategy in place.The science section covers biology and chemistry of first year graduate level and physics of A level or an equivalent standard. Often, the English section is sidelined by students but surprisingly it can be the section that can even help you increase your overall score. To prepare for the English section as well as the first section students must read extensively on a wide range of topics. Also while reading they must look for any implied meanings, understand similes, metaphors, allegory and rhetorical statements. Also, they must form an opinion on what they read as well pass judgments. This will help them to write their essays and solve the first section with clear insights and with reasoning and justification where required.

Another strategy or rather a tip that is often overlooked is to make use of the reading time that has been provided before the actual examination commences. Even, if you cannot write the answers in that time, you can glimpse through the topics as well as the questions and mentally select the appropriate answer or solution. Thus, it must be kept in mind to utilize the reading time before the exam productively.Following these few tips and strategies will help to ace the exam.